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I am a general contractor; can I hire your company as a sub-contractor?

  Yes, The Liontoro Group Inc. has divisions that specialize in sub-contract work.  Click on the other divisions link to learn more or give us a call.




Someone from The Liontoro Group came to my company to do a presentation.  Can I have someone come out to quote some work for us?

 Yes, we perform bid walks all the time and pride our self on always being available for our clients.  Contact someone on our business development team or just give us a call.  Thanks.


What is the Liontoro Group’s rating on the Better Business Bureau?

  The Liontoro Group is in the process of getting accredited right now with the BBB and shortly thereafter, we will be rated.




Is the Liontoro Group a Veteran owned small business?

 Yes, 100%.  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has a certification process.  We are in process of completing now.


I work for a property management company, how do I schedule someone to come by to make a presentation to us?

 We will gladly schedule an appointment with your company to present our products and services.  It usually consists of a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation, brochures and informational hand-outs, 5-10 minutes of question and answer and free bagels and cream cheese for all attendees!  Give us a call right away.  Thanks.



Can I hire the Liontoro Group to help me develop my property?

A:  We do offer real estate development services.  Please refer to Our Services tab that explains in more detail and send us an email if you’re interested.



I am interested in investing in real estate.  Can I sit down with someone that can give me some advice?

  The best place to start, would be with an introductory email.  Please forward us an email with your information, your plans and your available resources.  We will follow up either with an email or phone call.  From there we can decide if a meeting is the best way to move forward. 



I am an existing client; I would like to check up on how the project is going.  How do I sign in?

  Our Existing Clients tab found on our home page is designed to give our clients 100%, round-the-clock access to up-to-date information on their project.  There, our project managers upload project reports, pictures, construction schedules and other important documents daily.

Signing in is easy.  Simply type in your user name and password that was given to you.  If you forgot it, give your sales associate a call or the office and we will gladly get you back on track.  

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