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Liontoro Group Services


When it comes to a client’s personal space we understand that things might change. You will never receive negativity or resistance from our team if your second thoughts make you decide to change a layout or a finish package. We are experienced enough to quickly adapt to any modifications that might arise.


We offer 24 hour customer service. Yes, you read correctly! We appreciate that our clients have hired us to perform the construction work, and in the same fashion they have a full time job of their own. Our unique tiered management team is designed to be available 24 hours a day to field any question, comment or concern that might pop up.


Before we break ground our clients are provided with up to date sworn general contractor’s statement and a baseline project schedule. Throughout construction we provide weekly project progress reports to clients and we have much experience working with the Title Company to perform draws if that is how the construction is financed. Upon completion, the client receives warrantee certificate, all necessary lien waivers and a close out package.

Bottom line, we make a habit to under promise and over deliver, and we stand behind our work.

Project Management

The Liontoro Group’s core competency is project management.  Our project management services can be retained for any construction project.  Our management team has an array of proven experience in a wide range of construction and restoration projects, both the residential and commercial arenas. 

If you have a real estate or construction project under way or starting soon, our project managers provide owner’s representative services to owners or investors to ensure good communication and project planning between architects, engineers, contractors, lenders and sales personnel. 

General Contracting

As your design and build general contractor/builder, The Liontoro Group offers complete design and engineering of construction projects both commercial and residential.  In order to meet the changing demands of today's clients and construction requirements, a true builder starts very early in the process. At The Liontoro Group, we work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers to examine all options in order to effectively balance client’s needs with the construction budget available. As your construction company, The Liontoro Group builds in value from the very beginning of your project with our proven preconstruction services, such as:


  • Budget Development

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Cost Estimating

  • Value Analysis(engineering)

  • Schedule Development

  • Schedule Control

  • Safety Protocols

  • Competitive Subcontracting

  • Quality Management

  • Project Management


The preconstruction phase enables The Liontoro Group to provide clients with savings they can redirect to be used in other areas to increase the project scope where/if necessary.

During the construction process our management team continues to coordinate contractors and materials.  There will be constant communications with the client and municipalities to ensure inspection and code enforcement, occupancy permits and final punch list completion. 


Real Estate Development Services

To ensure a successful and profitable real estate development endeavor, it takes a mastering of several different disciplines.  Real estate development can range from raw land development, to community development, to renovating existing buildings both commercial and residential. 

The core duties of real estate development can be summarized as the orchestration of successful and timely completion of interrelated activities (sometimes hundreds), and most of these activities are not in your direct power to accomplish.  We summarized these activities and developed four major focus points which encompasses our real estate development services:

  • Thorough deal analysis and structure

  • Lead and manage professionals (development team)

  • Expert project management

  • Develop and employ multiple exit strategies

Please contact us if you are a real estate developer looking to make an upgrade to your development team, a pure investor looking to diversify your portfolio, or a real estate investor looking to take that next step.  We can help. 



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